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Welcome to the leading coffee brewers and office coffee service in Kitchener-Waterloo area, now serving cities like Guelph, Cambridge and adjoining areas. Since 2009, Wake Up Coffee has served coffee, tea, and Breakroom supplies to our clients. We provide a wide variety of coffee blends that are the perfect addition to any office and breakroom.


We offer complete corporate coffee services for offices across Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and even Toronto GTA. As part of our service, we supply the best coffee blends made from freshly roasted coffee beans, along with the right equipment. With our office coffee service, your team will be able to sip on fresh, well-brewed coffee whenever they like!

Touchless Options

Our coffee machines can be accessed seamlessly through your smartphones, so you don’t have to physically touch the machine to get your cup of coffee. Simply use our app to have your drink prepared for you with a tap on your screen!

Green Coffee

As a part of our drive to reduce waste and promote sustainability, we are supplying eco coffee to our clients! This is a blend of recycled and fresh coffee beans that help reduce waste and costs in the coffee industry.

Automation for Better Experiences

Our coffee machines are automated to send us alerts in case of any error in their system. Our team will then smooth out the issues as quickly as possible!

Versatile Service Capacity

We serve small and large businesses alike! You can request, customizable coffee output, coffee types, and coffee cup sizes with your machines according to your unique coffee needs!

We further offer some of the best coffee blends, fresh coffee beans, tea packs, and state-of-the-art coffee machines that will fit right in with your office or Breackroom! Your employees won’t just be going for our coffee for the caffeine, but the ease of use and the smooth, balanced blends like none other! Yes, our corporate coffee service is that good.


We offer financing solutions for both small and large businesses alike. You can now finance your equipment purchase seamlessly and hassle-free! We offer quality machinery and breakroom supplies at incredibly affordable rates and 100% transparent quotes. Check out our two-tier finance solutions below:


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    Bean-to-cup solution, single-serve coffee machines
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    Wide selection of hot drinks, coffee, and tea!
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    Eco-friendly coffee served hot!
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    Customizable for small businesses
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    Variety of sweeteners to add to your coffee

Affordable top Notch Equipment

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    Up to 3 coffee bean choices and three soluble options
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    Best suited for large businesses
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    Customizable office coffee solutions
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    Compact bean-to-cup coffee machine
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    Easy to use, touchless user interface


We understand how important it is to get a steaming hot cup of coffee every morning for an active day and performance. Enjoy freshly brewed coffee that will help jolt you and your employees into action and bring focus with each sip! At Wake Up Coffee, we offer a variety of blends and coffee mixes so you can make the perfect cup of coffee according to your unique needs!

Coffee for Purchase

Spend a few days drinking our freshly brewed coffee, and you will be dreaming of taking it home with you! Luckily, we can help you there! We also offer coffee for purchase to our clients separately. Now, you can enjoy a cup of your favourite bespoke bean blend at home!

Expert Coffee Breakroom Service

Wake Up Coffee is the expert when it comes to coffee service for offices and breakroom refreshment services! We offer our clients a wide range of professional coffee and breakroom services, fully customizable to your unique needs!

Coffee Machine Repair

Our team is swift to offer coffee machine repairs so you can continue to enjoy your coffee hassle-free!



Over 12 years of excellence, Wake Up Coffee is one of the leading office coffee suppliers today! At the forefront of our growth has been our unique coffee! Our coffee is 100% ethically sourced from Brazil, Colombia, and Central America. We make sure our coffee is eco-friendly and green and delivers consistent quality to our clients. Quality coffee is an integral part of your company culture, and our coffee blends are the best way to start your morning!

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