Office coffee service, Tea & Breakroom Services for ANY Size Business

Enjoy local coffee service in the greater Toronto area (GTA) and beyond. Serving the best coffee, tea, and breakroom supplies to local businesses of all sizes since 2009.


Our Canadian office coffee service is also all-inclusive.  From the best machines to all of the supplies, including replenishments, to excellent coffee and tea themselves, it’s all provided for you.  From small to large businesses, you’ll be able to customize our services to your needs in machine use, and mount of supplies.

Touchless options.  Designed to work seamlessly with your smartphones in picking and brewing your drink of choice, this will keep touching to a minimum without you having to miss out on your favourite drink.

Green.  We are proud to contribute to this by using eco-coffee. This is a unique and professional blend of recycled and fresh coffee beans that will offer you an indistinguishable taste and also help cut down on the amount of waste in the coffee industry.

Automation. From an empty bean reservoir to problem troubleshooting, our machines will alert us as soon as there is any kind of issue, so that we can troubleshoot and fix it for seamless breakroom confidence.

Capacity.  From coffee types, to cup sizes, to the amount of coffee output per machine, all of our office coffee machines are adjustable and customizable to give you the best cup of coffee for you, in particular, every single time.

Other perks include delicious, fresh coffee beans, stellar tea packs, and top of the line equipment that’s all going to hum away in a clean set-up that fits just right into your designated breakroom area.

Try it FREE for 7 days.

In an effort to help you make the best possible decision for your coffee sourcing needs, we’ve set up a free trial of 7 days! We’re very confident in the quality of our products and are very sure that you’d absolutely love them. Zero commitment, completely risk-free trial. What are you waiting for? To try it out for free, enter your details below!

Quality guaranteed from coffee machine installation to customer service

Multiple types of coffee dark, decaf, medium-dark from Central and South America

No obligation if you don’t like our service, you don’t pay ANYTHING. No sales pressure or obligation with us.


From the very beginning, our goal has always been to serve you and all of your coffee needs. Enjoy freshly brewed coffee right at your fingertips with our professional coffee service stations. Working with some of the best Canadian coffee machine suppliers and local brews, we are all about quality. Our services include:

From small companies to large companies, and from everyday use, to occasional use, we can offer full-inclusive, professional coffee and breakroom services for you and your employees to enjoy to the fullest.

Coffee Breakroom Service

Love the coffee at work so much that you want to take it home with you? Now you can by taking a look through our expansive list of coffee for purchase. The exact same beans as you’re used to enjoying at work, these will give you impressive and unbeatable flavour anywhere you want to enjoy them!

Coffee for Purchase

Sometimes machines break and there’s nothing employees hate more than a broken coffee machine. We offer fast and efficient coffee machine repair so that you can get the brew going sooner rather than later!

Coffee Machine Repair


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We understand that coffee is not just coffee. Our beans are sourced reliably and ethically from Brazil, Colombia, and Central America. We work hard to ensure authentic, quality coffee that is going to be eco-friendly and cost effective for office use. The perfect start to your morning routine at the office, Wake Up Coffee is ready to help you have the best Monday ever
— yes, really.


Have questions or concerns on coffee brands, machines, or services that we can provide at Wake Up Coffee? Get in touch with us today by filling out the contact form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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