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Upgrade your office break room with Wake Up Coffee’s office coffee service Burlington. Enjoy a steaming hot cup of caffeine, brewed to perfection and meticulously prepared to hit all the right notes. Wake Up Coffee’s state-of-the-art coffee machines are a must-have addition to any office breakroom. We believe you and your staff’s office routine should incorporate good coffee to keep everyone energetic and productive all day!

Welcome to Burlington’s Best Office Coffee Service!

Managing your own coffee machine in your business can be overwhelming. With us, your breakroom will always have coffee available for your employees.

Wake Up Office Coffee Service in Burlington

Wake Up Coffee offers its professional services all across the city of Burlington and its adjoining areas. We have a fine assortment of office coffee machines available for purchase, each with its benefits. You can easily find the best fit for your office break room; whether you want a coffee machine that transforms coffee beans into espresso or desire a more straightforward coffee maker that works with ground coffee beans, we offer it all!

Wake Up Coffee Repair Services

But what sets us apart is not only our coffee machine services; we also repair and help in the meticulous cleaning and maintenance of coffee machines after sales.

Coffee machines aren’t a one-time investment; to continue enjoying the same flavorful delights of morning espresso, you must ensure your coffee machines are clean and well-maintained. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about breakdowns when you have purchased your coffee machine for office from us. Our state-of-the-art coffee machines will instantly notify us in the event of a breakdown so we can head to your office and resolve it immediately!

From Coffee Making To Coffee Machine Repair, We Do It All!

Choosing A Wake-Up Coffee Machine

Selecting a Wake-Up coffee machine for your office is a lot easier than you might think. Here is what to expect when you choose our office coffee service Burlington!

1. Need Analysis

How many employees do you have in your office? How many cups of coffee will you need every day? How often will you be using your Wake Up Coffee machine? Assess all of these aspects to build a benchmark for your coffee machine purchase. If you are unsure, you can always connect with us for a free consultation to discuss your breakroom’s coffee machine needs.

2. Selecting Your Coffee Machine

With a defined benchmark, you can now browse through our exciting range of commercial coffee machines. Of course, our professionals are also available round the clock to assist you in your selection. If you are unsure which coffee machine is the best fit, sign up for a FREE consultation with our team to get the machine that best fits your workplace needs.

3. Selecting Your Office Coffee

The next step is choosing your coffee. Nothing beats the taste of fresh bean to cup coffee, which is why whole beans are the gold standard. Wake Up Coffee provides a diverse selection of whole beans available for purchase, ranging from various coffee types (dark roast, medium dark, blend medium dark and decaf). Of course, if you are not too keen on whole-bean coffee, you can always select our ground coffee grain types instead.

4. Quick And Easy Coffee Making

Our smart coffee machines simplify the way you make coffee! You can access the bean to cup coffee machine straight through your smartphone. Define the cup of coffee you have in your mind and let the machine do the rest! You will have your coffee brewed and ready with just a tap of your screen!

5. Hassle-Free Maintenance!

Coffee machine maintenance can be a nightmare if you are not sure what you are doing. We understand that and, therefore, help simplify the process to its core. Our machines are built-in with a breakdown detection system connected to our servers that will immediately notify us of any issues in your machine. By the time you are assessing the damage, we are already on our way to fix your office coffee machine!

How Often Should You Clean Your Coffee Machine?

You should clean the removable parts of your Wake Up Coffee machines at least once a week. If you have a large number of people using the machine, a daily general cleaning is a must.  A more intense, deeper cleaning should be carried out at least once a month to keep your office coffee machine working at its best!

Why Choose Wake Up Coffee?


Comprehensive Office Coffee Service

Wake Up Coffee is an all-in-one office coffee service Burlington. We provide automated commercial coffee machines, whole grain coffee for sale, and coffee machine repair services. Everything you will need to keep serving barista-style coffee in the office can be found in one place!

State-Of-The-Art Coffee Machines

Our office coffee machines are a work of art! They are fitted with LED displays, smart remotely controlled brewers and touchless systems to help simplify the way you make coffee.

Quality Coffee Delivered to Your Office

No need to worry about restocking coffee supplies. Wake Up Coffee provides roasted to perfection coffee beans sourced straight from the coffee farms in Colombia, Brazil and Central America and delivered directly to your office!

Maintenance and Repair Services

Ever run into a coffee machine breakdown at the office? It can be a horrible experience, especially when you are surrounded by exhausted employees who can’t miss their daily caffeine intake. This is why Wake Up Coffee provides professional regular maintenance and repair services to ensure your machine always remains in tip-top shape!

Exceptional Customer Support

To tie it all together, we have a truly incredible customer support team working with you. We are available around the clock to help you with all your coffee-making needs!

Our company was built to provide a gourmet office coffee service to companies who have been struggling to find a good office coffee provider in the area of Kitchener (and all southern Ontario). If you want to know more about us, click on the button and download our service brochure.

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A good brew of coffee can go a long way in building a positive office breakroom culture. Incentivize your employees to take their coffee at your office rather than rushing outdoors. With our whole bean coffee and innovative coffee machines, you can enjoy a cup of heavenly steaming coffee every time! For more information on our office coffee service Burlington, give us a call today!

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