Looking to get an excellent quality coffee machine for your breakroom? The breakroom is where everyone comes together to get snacks, have a quick brew, relax, recharge and get going. It’s the main hub of your business and needs to have an impeccable coffee machine in place to get you the best quality coffee.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of bad quality coffee machines out there. Let WAKEUP Coffee give you the ultimate coffee experience with our state of the art, excellent quality coffee machines that are bound to become a hit in your business!

In light of recent conditions with the pandemic, we’ve enabled a touchless transaction model for our customers. Simply place your order on our website/app, utilize one payment option and sit back and relax while your coffee gets delivered right to your doorstep!

Our machines for coffee breakroom service 

Total 1

The Total 1 is a high quality coffee machine that offers a wide selection of hot drinks and coffee, from bean to cup. This high-quality coffee machine has a selection of three coffee beans, two soluble and powdered milk

Total 1 dimensions

    • 111,7 cm (H) x 48,3 cm (L) x 71,1 cm (P)
    • 44 po (H) x 19 po (L) x 28 po (P)

Encore 29

The new Encore 29 is more robust and reliable than ever! This eco-friendly coffee machine is now NSF-4 certified and meets NAMA Listed standards. The Encore 29 has an 18.5-inch high-definition touchscreen.

Encore 29 dimensions

    • 74,63 cm (H) x 55,88 cm (L) x 62,55 cm (P)
    • 29,38 po (H) x 22 po (L) x 24,63 po (P)

Total lite

The Total Lite is the smallest cup-to-cup coffee machine in the Innovation Series. This high-quality coffee machine has a three-bean container and two soluble containers, it also offers a wide selection of coffees and hot drinks.

Total Lite dimensions

    • 101,6 cm (H) x 35,6 cm (L) x 58 cm (P)
    • 40 po (H) x 14 po (L) x 23 po (P)

Our company was built to provide a gourmet office coffee service to companies who have been struggling to find a good office coffee provider in the area of Kitchener (and all southern Ontario). If you want to know more about us, click on the button and download our service brochure.

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Contact us to find the machine that best fits your company’s needs. Best coffee delivery service in the Toronto GTA area, Kitchener, Guelph, Cambridge, Waterloo, Mississauga and more.

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You get a fully customized, quality coffee product straight to the doorstep of your business at extremely affordable pricing!

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We absolutely guarantee you will not find this level of quality anywhere in the region.

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We offer full services options ranging from espresso machines deployed in your offices to our bags of quality coffee beans delivered straight to your doorstep.

Additional services

We also offer reliable quality coffee repair services that will get you out of your jam in a couple of hours!

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