Is Buying Your Own Office Coffee Machine Worth It?

Coffee is key when it comes to the workplace, right?  It’s a chance for social interaction, refueling and also keeping your staff perky and motivated.  For some, it’s even the reason that they come into work at all sometimes (sorry, but you know it’s true).  However, even if this is stuff that you already know, you may still be hesitating when it comes to whether or not you should be buying your own office coffee machine.  Or, perhaps you should invest in an office coffee service through a coffee machine rental.  Is a gourmet office coffee service enough to make the difference?  Let’s take a look.

Stress-free coffee

Firstly, when you look at an office coffee service this is an automatically controlled and maintained service.  No one is going to have to remember to bring in new filters or refill the beans, or even determine what beans to get.  That’s all extra headache that no one needs anyway, so outsource it to a gourmet office coffee service.

From replacements to the functionality of the machine, or even the accessories needed, it’s a one-stop service that is going to make everything relating to breakroom politics just that little bit easier overall.

Reliable machines

When you invest in your own machine and bring it in, breakdowns or damages will happen.  Why?  Because you’re trusting a personal use machine to a bunch of employees that have an incessant need for their caffeinated beverage.  When you choose to outsource, you get a coffee machine rental that is going to be a.) not your responsibility and b.) intended for the amount of people that you have in your office space.  

In the event of a breakdown, the machine automatically lets us know there’s a problem and someone will be enroute to either service it and/or replace it with another one so that there is no inconvenience or missed opportunity for your workers.

When employees come to get coffee, they’ll enjoy a functioning machine that understands time is money.  Operating quickly and quietly, there will be no more queues at the coffee machine!  

It keeps your employees at work

Okay, so this one may take some more explaining.  In those workplaces that don’t have a coffee machine, or the one that they do have makes terrible coffee or is always broken, employees will pop out to grab coffee at their favourite joint.  Maybe they’re late coming in during the morning, or maybe their coffee break extends to hours at a time.  It’s frustrating, right?  An office coffee service takes care of that for you.

Coffee will come to your office so that employees aren’t going to need to pop out and spend valuable money on a coffee and a muffin.  The coffee that you’ll get, too, is going to be delectable and so good that your employees will actually, you know, want to drink it!  

All of this translates to your employees arriving on time, not leaving for hours on end to “get coffee”, and it can even help them have a lot more respect for you as their employer, since this all takes time and effort to do.

One stop service fitted to your needs

One last perk to the idea of hiring an office coffee service is that the coffee machine rental is only  a part of the equation.  Since this is a gourmet office coffee service, you also get to have great extra add-ons that go along to making sure the experience is as positive and stress-free as possible.  This includes the option to add tea service, and also those accessories such as sugar or sweetener, stirrers, and more.

Don’t need something, but need more of another?  These packages can be tailor-made for your office environment so that you can create the perfect service for your hard-working and valuable employees.  We offer services of different intensities and for different amounts of employees, too, so that everyone gets what they need in just the right amounts every time.

Why office coffee service is the way to go

Your employees work hard and long for you, and something as simple as providing a comprehensive coffee service that is always prepped, clean, elegant and ready to give them the quality that they deserve.  Whether one motivation swayed you over the other, or all of the reasons all converting ones, the end result is the same: coffee machine rentals for the office  is the right path to take.  Contact us today and allow us to help design the right package for you!

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