Dark roast and Light Roast – What Are The Differences?

It’s no secret that many of us have a love affair with coffee. Whether it’s an office or corporate coffee, there is something special about the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. But did you know that the type of roast can make a difference in the flavour profile? That’s right; light roast vs. dark roast can make all the difference! 

In this guide, we’ll discuss the significant differences between light and dark roast coffees so that you can decide which one is ideal for your office or corporate coffee services.

Light Roast Profile:

A light roast is often called a “light city” or “half-city” roast. It means the beans have been roasted to their first crack, resulting in a lightly browned bean with a dry surface.

Light-roasted coffees have a mild taste and lighter body than darker roasts. The beans are roasted for a shorter time at lower temperatures and often have fruity, acidic tones and a subtle sweetness. 

Moreover, light roast coffees are generally made from higher-quality beans. They retain a more natural flavour and have a higher acidity than darker roasts. They also tend to be brighter in colour and less oily on the surface of the beans.

This type of roast is usually used for espresso-based drinks because its delicate flavours will shine through when combined with milk or other sweeteners. 

After all, they provide a good balance of flavour and caffeine.

Dark Roast Profile:

By comparison, dark roasts are typically called “full city” or even darker, depending on how long the beans get roasted. 

Conversely, dark roasted coffees are typically fuller-bodied and richer in flavour than their lighter counterparts. They also tend to be less acidic, which makes them ideal for those who don’t enjoy bitter tastes in their coffee. 

They get roasted longer, and at higher temperatures, they develop more complex flavours, such as chocolatey notes or hints of smokiness, depending on the bean used. It makes them great for black coffee drinkers who appreciate bold flavours in their cups!

Additionally, darker roasts have a more robust body due to the caramelization that occurs during the longer roasting process, making them excellent options for morning cups of joe or late afternoon pick-me-ups.  

In conclusion, when selecting coffee for your office or corporate coffee services needs, it is essential to understand what sets light and dark roasts apart. Lighter roasts will contain more complex flavours from the original bean, while darker ones will produce bolder tastes with smoky undertones, hints of chocolate, and caramelized sugar notes. 

Light and dark roasts offer something unique regarding flavour, so it comes down to personal preference when choosing one over another!

Whether you prefer your morning cup of joe light or dark, it’s clear that both types have unique benefits to offer. From subtle yet distinct flavours to an array of textures and aromas, it all comes down to personal preference when choosing between light vs. dark roast coffees. 

Therefore, when selecting your office or corporate coffee services, it’s essential to consider the type of bean and how it gets roasted to find the perfect blend for your specific needs. This guide lets you decide which kind of coffee is right for you!

Coffee lovers should experiment with different types to find which style suits them best! So grab some freshly ground beans from your office coffee machine and we will surprise you with the best!

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