How To Find Better Coffee?

You could have the best coffee-making equipment at home or in the office, but your brew will always miss the mark if you are not as picky with your coffee. But how to find good coffee beans? Good quality coffee is quite easy to source if you know what to look for. Here are the five proven tips we recommend when choosing coffee.

Buy Whole Bean Coffee

Always look for whole bean coffee instead of purchasing ground coffee. Coffee that comes in a ground powder form starts to lose its flavour and aroma quickly. It is also more likely to spoil faster and give you a stale, unpleasant taste. On the other hand, whole bean coffee will retain its freshness, flavour and aroma longer. If stored correctly, whole coffee beans can even last you quite long! 

This is why choosing whole coffee beans is considered superior. While ground coffee can be convenient for some, it will never beat the taste of whole bean coffee.

Look For The Roast Date

When you choose coffee, always keep an eye out for the roast date. This date indicates when the coffee beans were roasted. A roasted batch of coffee beans can only retain its freshness and flavour for so long. This is because the roasting process triggers a chemical reaction in the beans, making them lose their flavour over time. 

As a rule of thumb, coffee typically tastes best up to 14 days after its roast date. Past this timeframe, your coffee won’t taste the same. After 4 weeks, it may give you a stale, flat brew that tastes no different than cardboard. This is why if you spot a bag of coffee that doesn’t indicate its roast date, it is best to put it back on the shelf!

Where Is It Sourced From?

When you buy coffee beans, make sure you assess where the beans have been sourced from. The label on the coffee should indicate the location where it was grown and roasted; if not, think of that as an instant red flag. Quality coffee providers will be transparent in the information they provide about their farms and roasting locations.  

Another factor to consider is the type of blend you are purchasing. Always try to opt for single-origin coffee beans. These are coffee beans that have been sourced from a singular location. Wine made from grapes of one variety sourced from the same vineyard will always be superior to other wines. In the same way, high-quality, good tasting coffee is typically from a single origin.

Avoid Buying In Bulk (Unless Needed)

Nothing can beat fresh coffee beans. We have clarified how important roast dates can be for coffee. To truly have an enjoyable brew every morning, only purchase the amount of coffee you will need for the next two weeks or so. Buying in bulk is not a good choice unless you have more people around you who will ensure the coffee beans are exhausted on time. 

If you purchase coffee in bulk and don’t finish it on time, you will end up with poor-tasting coffee without the flavour and aroma we all love so much. This is why you should always buy only the amount of coffee you will consume in a week or two.

Buy From The Right Place

Finally, where should you go to purchase high-quality, good coffee beans? If you are at your supermarket or local deli, you are more likely to come across mass-produced, unrefined, low-quality blends. However, you can always go by the tips we have listed, ask for the roast date, look for manufacturing information on the label and then make a safer purchase. 

But if you really want to source the best coffee beans, you are better off heading to your local roaster. They are far more likely to provide you with fresh, quality beans that have been meticulously cultivated. 

Apart from your local roasters, you can also find several coffee resources online selling high-quality, freshly roasted coffee beans. A good example is Wake Up Coffee.

Now, where to buy coffee beans?

Wake Up Coffee – Purchase Quality Whole Bean Coffee

Wake Up Coffee is a high-quality purveyor of gourmet coffee selections offering whole-bean coffee for sale in Toronto, Kitchener, Guelph, Cambridge, Waterloo and other areas. We provide a rich assortment of fresh, authentic coffee beans delivered to your place. Coffee includes dark roast, medium dark, blend medium dark and decaf varieties. 

Apart from coffee, we also provide some of the best gourmet coffee machines, perfect for home or office use!

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