Moving To A New Office? How To Choose An Office Coffee Machine?

Moving to a new office is exciting but exhausting at the same time for you and your staff. When you are excited about the idea of shifting to a new and better place, designing the new office to accommodate your employees better is a big responsibility. You want your workforce to be always high on energy, vocal at team meetings, and bursting with inspirational ideas. And this is exactly why you need to have a coffee machine in your new office.

Does My Office Need A Coffee Machine?

Office coffee machines have grown quite a lot in popularity. 

By simply placing a coffee pod or a bean-to-cup coffee machine in your office kitchen, you are giving your employees a quick lift up every time they feel drained. A quick coffee break works as an energy and memory booster for your employees.  Not to forget, having a coffee machine in the office kitchen removes the need to go to a coffee shop, leading to shorter breaks.

In short, it’s a highly modified espresso machine or even simple coffee pods, an office coffee machine is excellent for improved productivity and will bring your employees together.  

Choosing the Best Coffee Maker for Your Business 

Should I put a traditional coffee maker in the office kitchen or go for an instant coffee maker? Would a highly efficient bean-to-cup coffee machine be a nice addition to the setup? 

With so many options and varieties out there, choosing the best office coffee machine can be a bit tricky. But don’t you worry because today we will walk you through some factors you must consider before investing in an office coffee maker for the best results.

Your Company Size

What is the size of your company? How many employees do you have in your workforce? Do you have daily or occasional clients to entertain?

Before bringing a coffee machine to your office, evaluate these factors carefully. Getting an oversized or under-sized coffee machine is only a waste of resources. For 20 or 50 employees, a low-volume coffee machine is a good option. It can produce about 50 cups per day and handle this much load. But for larger companies having more than 200 employees, getting an industrial-grade bean to cup coffee machine might be the right investment.

The Dispense Time 

The convenience factor of a coffee machine cannot be neglected. Apart from being easy to use, the coffee maker should have a quick brewing time. Larger companies with more employees need a machine that is easy to use and has a minimum dispense time. This will help you avoid long queues at the coffee maker, and workers can get back to work quickly. 

A coffee machine using fresh espresso beans requires about 30 minutes to brew a rich aromatic cup of coffee. On the other hand, a traditional coffee maker gives you high-quality, flavorful coffee but to set the flavours right; you need a barista behind it. For larger organizations with heavy traffic, a fast-paced coffee maker such as the bean-to-cup coffee maker or coffee pods option is most suitable. So, you have to be very careful when it comes to serving time.

 Ease of Maintenance

A coffee machine demands regular maintenance. Depending on the model and size, a coffee maker demands occasional (or even regular) cleaning and supervision. How much cleaning time will your coffee maker need is an important question you must consider before investing. 

For example, an espresso maker requires a longer cleaning time. Some models of bean-to-cup machines require you to clean the grounds to keep it going, but with a coffee pod, you won’t face the same problem. However, the machines that use pods or other special equipment are expensive to maintain in the long run generally.

Buy or Lease

Many corporations often go with the leasing option. Renting the coffee machine has its own set of benefits: no more cleaning and no more maintenance. The coffee machine under lease agreement also covers repair and service. So, in case the machine faces any issues during the warranty period, the supplier will take care of it; one less thing to worry about at your end.

So, which coffee machine have you decided to invest in for your office?

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