How Do Bean-To-Cup Coffee Machines Work?

A rich, creamy cup of coffee brimming with flavour and a strong aroma is a perfect energy booster for your early morning work routine. But the traditional way of enjoying a freshly brewed barista-style coffee every time the coffee craving hits demands time and some artistic brewing skills. But you can change it with a bean-to-cup coffee machine.

Why Do You Need A Bean-To-Cup Coffee Machine?

Be it lattes or foamy cappuccinos, a lot of work goes into preparing that precise “shot” of espresso. A well-brewed crema serves as the perfect base for your strong coffee but grounding the coffee beans, heating the water to the right temperature, frothing the milk….all that hard work to make your coffee more than just brown liquid is hard. 

But, getting that instant coffee boost is way easier when you have a bean-to-cup coffee machine at your breakroom area . An intelligent coffee vending machine knows how to pour a coffee cup brewed right according to your taste. They are easy to use, prepare a wide range of coffees, and serve fresh coffee by crumbling the beans right on the spot. 

With a bean-to-do coffee machine, you can have your own mini Starbucks at your own place!

Operating A Bean-To-Cup Coffee Machine

The question is, ‘is it difficult to brew coffee with a bean-to-cup coffee machine?’

On the contrary, working on a bean-to-cup coffee machine is way easier than you can imagine. Depending on the type and model of your vending machine, you can have a decent number of features on your coffee machine. But basically, all coffee makers work the same way to give you that delicious cup of coffee.

Here is a breakdown of how a bean-to-do coffee machine works for your ease.

1. Understand the Control Panel

Ben-to-cup coffee machines are quite popular among homeowners, offices and there are even some large ones ideal for larger commercial use. The design and model of your coffee machine give you more variety of coffees, while the high-end coffee machines come with touch screens and have the option of customization as well.

So first, understand and master the control panel of your coffee machine. From here, you can select the type of coffee and adjust the strength of your drink. If you have an upgraded bean-to-coffee machine, you can control the temperature of your coffees as well.

2. Grinding the Coffee Beans

The built-in coffee grinder is a major attraction of a coffee machine. The oil within coffee beans is packed with flavour, aroma, and freshness, but as soon as the coffee is grounded, it loses its oil, the true essence of coffee beans.
But Bean-to-cup coffee machines give you freshly grounded coffee with all the oil locked within it. Release the coffee beans into the grinder according to the number of cups you want to prepare. The machine will crush them into fine coffee powder, perfect for an energetic cup of coffee.

Some coffee maker models have grinders that can grind coffee beans into different sizes to help you enjoy multiple coffees. But since you need to create espresso, make sure to grind the beans into fine particles.

Remember, the finer you want your coffee beans to be, the more brewing time the coffee maker will require.

3. Pump Hot Water over the Granulated Beans

To make a strong, punchy coffee cup, the water temperature should be maintained properly. Using too hot water will burn your coffee, whereas a cold cup will simply destroy your coffee mood. Besides temperature, an ideal pressure is also necessary for preparing a flavorful coffee cup.

Bean-to-cup coffee machines perform both tasks with utmost perfection. The machine has a thermal block (a built-in heating element) with a valve that pushes water into the cup. The Thermablock heats the water giving it the right temperature, and then passes it over the grounded coffee, giving you a perfect barista-style coffee.

The bean-to-cup coffee machine pushes water at about 15-19 bars which is the best pressure for brewing a superb coffee.

4. Adding Frothing Milk

The espresso shot that we got up till now has a strong taste, thick consistency, and has a rich crema top. But if you want to enjoy frothed coffee, the bean-to-cup coffee machine can do it for you.

These advanced coffee makers have a milk steamer that works separately from the brewing part. The steamer will add the right quantity of milk to your coffee, giving you a steamed and foamy coffee. But do remember to add fresh milk daily to your steamer or even powdered milk works too.

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