How Touch Screen Coffee Machines Are Changing The Office Coffee Culture?

Employee wellness forms an integral part of an effective, productive, and efficient workplace. Employees who feel neglected or don’t feel that their basic needs are being met may find their workplace to be a burden. They will always associate the office with tiring, boredom work that doesn’t leave them any happier. This is why more and more employers are putting in the effort to make the workplace as pleasant as can be.

But where do coffee and office coffee machine tie into all this?

Coffee culture is an essential part of this budding employee wellness. And this coffee culture is evolving in many ways; at the forefront of this evolution are touch screen coffee machines.

Coffee Culture in the Workplace

Coffee has always held a strong association with the workplace. When you imagine a workplace, it may seem incomplete if any one worker isn’t sipping away at their coffee for their daily caffeine boost.

In the past, workers wouldn’t depend on the coffee the office provided. Most coffee machines in the office produced substandard coffee that did very little to appease their palettes. Moreover, not everyone shared the taste buds for the single type of brew they got. Since people couldn’t exactly brew the coffee as they wished, they would instead rely on visits to nearby coffee shops.

But times are changing. We now have access to new and improved office coffee machines that keep the employees happily grounded in their workplace. The introduction of the office touch screen coffee maker is a prevalent example (we will dive more into this later).

With the new workforce consisting primarily of Gen Z and Millennials, you can expect your employees to want better quality coffee in the least. This has further led to developing what we know as “the coffee culture” in offices.

Why should you promote coffee culture in the office?

Office coffee culture has made coffee breaks much more appealing to employees. Your employees don’t shy away from the offices now that they know they can easily get a cup of well-brewed, quality coffee in the environment they already spend so much time in.

For employees who seek better working conditions and a workspace that values employee wellness, this can further strengthen their ties to the office.

During the pandemic, we came to realize how deeply we value for human connections. As we come back to the workplace, employees seek that connection and comfort once again. Introducing coffee machines in your break rooms allows employees to come together, connect, and relax safely, all with a cup of quality coffee to help them along the way.

This new coffee culture can indeed make your employees happy, and a happy workforce is a productive workforce. But keep in mind that employees want quality coffee. Substandard, low-grade, badly brewed office coffee simply won’t do.

Our company was built to provide a gourmet office coffee service to companies who have been struggling to find a good office coffee provider in the area of Kitchener (and all southern Ontario). If you want to know more about us, click on the button and contact us.

Touch Screen Coffee Machines

Touch screen coffee machines have taken up speed right after the pandemic hit. Once workers returned to their offices, it was no secret that we were wary of the disease spreading through appliances such as coffee machines.

Touchless coffee machines eliminate the need to touch your coffee machine maker. They allow you to connect to the machine via an application you can download onto your smartphone. From there, you can selectively brew the coffee to your liking using a list of options before you. At the other end, the digital coffee maker will kick off and make your coffee just as you like it!

In a matter of minutes, you will have a cup of well-brewed, personalized coffee steaming hot and ready for consumption.

How Are These Coffee Machines Changing The Office Coffee Culture?

Offices have quickly invested in Touchless coffee machines to make sure the coffee culture in the workplace does not dissolve. The pandemic truly threatened the existence of any coffee culture when your employees aren’t too keen on touching any physical appliances around them. But with touch screen coffee machines, this concern is alleviated.

Not only does your office coffee culture continue to thrive, but your employees will also feel incredibly valued. Such employees won’t want to go out for their regular coffee fix, but would prefer to stay close to their offices. They will further be motivated to provide quality work.

Wake Up Coffee – The Leading Manufacturer of Touchless Coffee Machines For the Office

Wake Up Coffee’s touch screen coffee machines are an excellent solution for small and large offices alike. Our touch-free coffee machines are one of a kind, easy to use, and incredibly versatile. Your employees can easily prepare their preferred cup of coffee with ease anytime in the workplace. To learn more about how these touch screen coffee machines can transform your office coffee culture, check out our website today!

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