How Much Does Office Coffee Service Cost in 2023?

Having a better quality of coffee in your office can lead to a number of improvements for your efficiency, employee morale and more. If you currently have a coffee machine in your business, you may want to consider upgrading  your in office coffee to something of a higher quality. An office coffee service will keep you and your staff in the best of coffee and ensure that you can get the maximum benefits from coffee in your office.

 – Why coffee in the office is important:

Coffee in the office is an excellent option for the health and wellbeing of your staff. While many of us can get bogged down with the harmful effects of over-caffeinating, regular and managed coffee consumption can be beneficial. Having great coffee in the office can help with some of these top effects:

 – Reduction in sick days:

Having coffee in the office can help with reducing sick days by helping with heart health, ensuring our bodies can process glucose more efficiently, improving liver health and more. 

 – Reducing costs:

Choosing a professional coffee service can be more cost effective than buying beans or grinds from a grocery store. If your office is consuming a large amount of coffee, buying in bulk with 5lb bags or from a set coffee supplier can cut down your costs. Having a machine maintained by professionals and that runs efficiently will bring down your average costs per cup significantly. 

 – Maximizing efficiency:

Having a quality source for caffeine delivery will make sure employees can get over the mid day hump or ensure that your business is able to help your employees come to work to get their coffee rather than head out to a local café. 

 – Offering more to clients and visitors:

Having a coffee service in your office will ensure that you can offer more to your visitors and clients that stop by. If you serve a great cup of coffee, there is a greater chance that your visitors will want to come back and see you more often. 

 – Getting what you truly want:

Office coffee doesn’t have to be an older coffee maker with some discount grinds that someone fills every morning. A coffee service can give you café quality beans and coffee for your breakroom. Office coffee that breaks the mold will have your employees more excited to come to work, it will improve morale and it can give everyone the coffee of their choice to suit their personal preferences. 

 – The costs of a coffee service for your office:

Getting a commercial grade coffee maker with plenty of drink options, professional service and an exceptional café quality does not have to be expensive. Our office coffee service in Kitchener offers an office coffee system that can start as low as $500 CAD with the option of full servicing, refills, repairs and more. 

We can supply office coffee service throughout Ontario and ensure that businesses in any industry will be able to thrive with their coffee needs taken care of. Our business proudly serves companies in the GTA, Guelph, Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo, Mississauga and the surrounding regions. 

 – How the service works:

If you have decided that quality office coffee is something your business requires, we can provide you with the machine and the servicing to help you keep your coffee supply flowing. Our team manages and repairs your machine, provides supplies for your coffee needs and more. We source our coffee directly from central America, Brazil and surrounding coffee regions to deliver the freshest product to our customers. Rather than having to worry about maintaining your coffee machines, buying supplies or having your employees running out for coffee all the time, we can make sure you are serving the best quality coffee in the office and with a commitment from a coffee focused service. 

Our team can provide everything from on site repairs to a full service coffee supply and machine operation for your breakroom. We also provide the purchase of coffee across Ontario ensuring you can supply your office with the best quality blends from the top coffee regions of the world. 

If you would like to learn more about office coffee service in Kitchener or you need office coffee services across Southern Ontario, contact us today.

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