Tired of having a broken coffee machine in the office? We got you.

If you have a business where the coffee machine always seems to be empty or broken, you might find it incredibly difficult for you and your employees to get work done. Working with a coffee service for your business can be a far more beneficial way for your business to have high quality coffee that is always fresh and always ready for your employees to enjoy. 

Drinking coffee has become an important part of many people’s working routine and with 62% of North Americans drinking at least one of these beverages every day, not having a coffee maker that’s capable of keeping up with demand can be detrimental for your working environment. It often leaves people having to go out for coffee or bring their own coffee from home which can cost time in the morning. Working with a coffee subscription service for your office can be highly beneficial for offering more to your employees and delivering added benefits for your daily business needs. If you’re tired of having a broken coffee machine in your office or a coffee machine it’s always empty, Wake up coffee has your needs met. 

Our team provides high quality beverages:

The machines that we have are top-of-the-line and it’s our goal to deliver the best quality of coffee and beverages for your team every day. Our machines are regularly serviced and maintained and we refill them with the latest blends of coffee so that you can get café quality coffee in any office space. Rather than having to go down to the local café or bring in coffee that is brewed at home, you can have an extremely fresh cup anytime in the office. This convenience and this better quality of coffee often leads to improvements to productivity because employees will have to leave the office less often. Encouraging employees to drink more coffee can also improve alertness and productivity especially when getting through the slump in the middle of the workday or for helping employees ramp up in the morning. 

The perfect place for collaboration:

Enhancing your break room and making sure that you’ll be able to have the perfect break room for socializing and in collaboration will benefit your entire team. Coffee machines have become the water cooler in a modern age and taking coffee breaks throughout the day can be an excellent way that employees can clear their heads and talk with their colleagues. One of the best ways to encourage this type of collaboration is to make sure that employees are able to share their knowledge with one another over a great cup of coffee. This type of collaboration doesn’t always happen with this standard coffee machine. Working with a coffee service company will make sure that there is a greater encouragement to come into the break room and enjoy a fresh cup. 

Improvements to health:

Drinking a cup of coffee every day can be healthier than some other alternatives. If you’re considering the option of installing a vending machine with sodas or energy drinks or a fresh new coffee machine, it is often beneficial to consider choosing the coffee machine instead. With fresh coffee that your employees can drink black or with minimal flavoring, it is possible to cut down on sugar and high fat drinks while also maximizing the energy levels in employees. 

Truly valuing your employees:

A coffee service is one of the ultimate signs of value for a company and for its employees. Showing that you’re willing to invest in your business and in the happiness of your employees can be a powerful touch for motivation and for helping your entire workforce thrive. By using a coffee service, you’ll be able to show your employees that they are valued and help them to feel more valued every day that new flavors are introduced and they have access to better coffee. Keeping the same stale old coffee maker in your business is not going to show your employees that they are valued in your business.

If you are interested in learning more about a coffee service in the GTA, contact us today to schedule a consultation for your business. 

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