Best Office Coffee Service In All Southern Ontario

Imagine you are having a really bad day at work, nothing seems to be going right, and the only thing that could make things right is a nice cup of coffee. All of a sudden, your hopes of having a nice caffeine rush go down the drain when you realize that your office coffee machine is broken.

That is precisely how your employees feel!

You may not realize the importance of having an efficiently running coffee maker in your office for your employees. However, the truth is, it is the key to a happy and thriving team of workers. Not to forget, you also need a good dose of coffee to keep you pumped. What you need is a reliable office coffee service, so you never have to miss your hot mug of goodness.

This is why we at Wake Up Coffee provide the best hassle-free Toronto office coffee service to our loyal customers. Let’s take a look at why you should let Wake Up Coffee handle your coffee needs. With headquarters in Kitchener, Ontario, we serve all southern Ontario in cities like Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Milton, Mississauga, Hamilton and Toronto. 

All-Inclusive, Full Service Office Coffee Service Canada

Not having an efficient coffee maker can negatively impact your office environment and productivity. On the other hand, having an excellent quality of coffee in your workplace or office directly affects the efficiency of the employees and working staff. 

Most office coffee services companies in this area do not provide an all-inclusive service that becomes a huge problem for users. Many face mechanical issues with coffee machines, while others don’t get timely refills or don’t get them at all. Contacting and waiting for the coffee service representatives to come and fix the issue is another problem that takes a lot of precious time. 

But with Wake Up Coffee, you don’t have to worry about any of these things. Once you book our exceptional coffees services, you can expect the following advantages:

We Have It All:

No more hassle of running here and there; once you book our services, you can get everything under the same roof. Whether it’s the latest machines, refills, supplies, or the coffee itself, everything will be provided at your doorstep; all included at a flat rate starting at $499+HST.

Fit For Every Size Of Business:

Whether you have an office of 20 people or have a working force of more than 50, we will design our packages and services based on your needs. No matter how many supplies you need or what sort of coffee machine for office you want, we will customize it according to your preference.

Top-Of-The-Line Coffee Machines:

We take pride in providing the most top-quality machines that boast features that regular coffee machines lack. Our machines have the following features: 

  • Touchfree feature: Ever heard of a coffee maker that you can connect to your smartphone? Well, now you have, our top-of-the-line designed machines can be connected to your smartphone to select and brew your favourite drink, saving your time and energy. 
  • Troubleshoot problems: Don’t you hate it when your beloved coffee machine gives up without any reason? Our top-of-the-line machines will alert us as soon as there is an issue so that we can solve it as quickly as possible without you lifting even a finger. 
  • Customize your heart out: Ranging from the amount of coffee to its types to different cup sizes, all of our coffee makers can be customized and adjusted according to your needs. 
  • 24/7 maintenance services: Once you become our loyal client, it is our utmost duty to provide you with the best aftercare possible. Whether it is refills, machine maintenance, you name it. We will provide you with the best aftercare services according to your needs.

What Our Reliable Coffee Services Promises? 

  • Happy staff: Nothing can make your staff happier than a mug of their favourite hot drink. Not only will this lighten their mood, but they will also be able to perform better at work. Our efficient office coffee service in Kitchener, Waterloo and Toronto areas will provide your staff with their favourite hot drink whenever they need to boost their productivity level. 
  • Stay within the office: What will employees do if they can’t get their fair share of caffeine in the office? They will most likely head out to the nearest cafe, which will result in less productivity and waste of precious time. A smooth-running coffee system will ensure that the employees stay within the office and don’t run off on a coffee hunt. 
  • Hospitality: Nothing makes a better impression on your potential clients and visitors than serving them a nice hot drink. By serving an excellent cup of coffee quickly, you will surely impress your visitors. 
  • Get what you want: An office coffee maker doesn’t have to be boring or involve manual work. An efficient coffee service will provide your office with a cafe-style service which will give your employees something to look forward to. 

Choose The Best Office Coffee Service In Greater Toronto Area

No office environment is complete without having an efficiently running coffee system for the employees and staff members. 

To end your search for such a system, Wake Up Coffee Services offer the highest quality of coffee machines equipped with the latest features and finest coffee imported from Brazil, Colombia, and Central America. Whether you are looking for the highest quality coffee beans or the best maintenance services, Wake Up Coffee has it all.

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