Using Tea Leaves To Read Your Future

Humankind has always been fascinated with gauging a deeper meaning behind the simplest of things, even the tea we drink. The ritual of tea leaf reading has been passed down over the centuries as a medium to predict one’s future. While we can’t form a scientific basis for its validity, it continues to be an entertaining way to interpret one’s future!

What Is Tea Leaf Reading?

Tea leaf reading, or “tasseography,” is a divination practice to interpret your future. Tea leaf reading will have the querent (the inquirer who wants his/her future read) perform a tea-drinking ritual and then place the cup in the hands of an interpreter.

The concept behind tea leaf reading is that the drinker not only drinks the tea but infuses it with their energy. As they drink tea, they may ask questions about their future. Directing this energy or intention onto the tea residue can prompt them to reveal one’s future and provide advice when needed.

The reader will then assess the tea dregs at the bottom of the cup to spot any symbols that may give sight into the inquirer’s future.

Steps to Reading Tea Leaves

1. Choose the Right Tea

To have a successful tea leaf reading, you should choose the right tea. Always use loose tea leaves or coffee grounds rather than tea bags. The contents of a tea bag are too fine to form any real shapes or symbols for you to interpret. It doesn’t matter what type of tea or coffee you use as long as its dregs are large enough to leave behind impressionable symbols.

For better results, we recommend using a whiter tea type than brown or black teas so the dregs are easier to make out.

2. Make Your Tea 

It is best to use a flat bottom-shaped tea cup for the tea reading. Pour the freshly prepared tea into the cup and have the inquirer sip it as they contemplate their question. Once there is about a tablespoon of tea remaining, they should hold the cup in their left hand and give it a swirl from left to right at least three times.

Now using the left hand, invert the cup over a saucer and leave it for a minute or so, rotating it three more times. Now turn the cup straight up again. If you take a look, you will notice the tea leaves stuck to the bottom of the cup in varying clusters. You can now start establishing your interpretation.

3. Make Your Reading

If you are new to tea leaving, remember it is never meant to be hasty. Take a deep breath, stay calm, and carefully observe the consistent patterns and configurations that appear. You will find several symbols in the tea leaves; having a guide in front of you to refer to for interpretations can be helpful. You will come across a few common tea leaf symbols: animals, mythical creatures, letters, numbers, and objects.

Indicators to Look For

It is not just the symbols that you need to look for; you also need to consider the placement of the symbol. When reading tea leaves, there are three main areas of focus:

• Symbols Near The Rim

Symbols that are close to the rim are indicators of events happening at the present. However, symbols closer to the handle always have a greater chance of fulfillment.

• Symbols At The Sides

Symbols that are present at the sides of the cup are indicators of events that may occur in the not-too-distant future or the near future.

• Symbols At The Bottom 

Symbols that are at the bottom of the cup are indicators of events that may happen in the distant future.

Start Your Tea Reading with The Right Selection of Tea!

Tea reading is an excellent way to start your divination practice, owing to the simplicity of the method involved. However, you must use high-quality tea leaves or coffee grounds for the best results. Ordinary tea bags simply won’t do.

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